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Supply Chain Consulting projects have helped us to contribute towards increasing efficiencies in Supply Chain Operations and Transforming Operations to become more effective in adding value to the Organisation

Listed are few of our achievements in our quest towards contributing towards Supply Chain Operational effectiveness


Creating Efficiencies

- Undertaking Comprehensive Analysis and innovative solutions to Reduce Supply Chain Cycle time.

- Integrating and enhancing Supplier Management Processes to eliminate targeted inefficiencies.

Reducing Wastage & Losses

 - Performing In-depth examination and imbibing a Collaborative solution to reduce Purchase Order cancellations.

Process Stabilization & Standardization

- Creating a globally standardized process for Supplier Management to reduce complexities and thereby streamlining training and documentations, controlling associated risk and developing a robust process.

 - Process Stabilization in Procurement process to eliminate inaccuracies, delays and subjective methods to day to day processing.

Risk Mitigation

 - Analyzing and Controlling Risks in Supply Chain Process involving multiple system applications, eliminating risk with Segregation of Duties added greater advantage in overall risk management.

Process Creation

 - Process flow Creation for managing exceptions to ensure timely payments.

Supply Chain Upgrade

 - Leading System Integration and Upgrade Project for a global client

Transforming Supply Chain Management to create responsive End to End Supply Chain Operations and increase profits flowing from its Supply Chain Activities is essential for a dynamic company to delight its customers and increase bottom line profits.

                    We recommend Supply Chain Improvement Project with us to create a distinctive advantage of having a Supply Chain Function strategically aligned to your Business.

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